Josephine had her first yoga class on a slow boat to India back in the 60’s. Since then she has been on the yoga path in one form or another. Back in the 60’s and 70’s there were not many yoga classes to find. Josephine’s practice came through reading books and whenever she came near a yoga class she was there.

Josephine and her husband served as volunteers in the Peace Corps in the early-mid 70’s. They served in the South Pacific. From there they moved to the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Josephine and her husband built their nest on twelve acres of forest land. They build a passive solar home to feel in harmony with nature. Their four children romped the woods in the dramatic four seasons of New England. Today their children all practice or teach yoga.

In the 80’s yoga began to peak its head into the Monadnock region. If the word “yoga” was involved, Josephine was there to soak it in. In the early 90’s Josephine’s teacher, Sarvani, said “It is time for you to teach”. Josephine always felt proud that she became a teacher in the traditional way, which was to practice with a teacher for a long time and then the teacher launches you off to teach. With that said Josephine did go to teacher training at Kripalu in the Berkshires.

Josephine has become a well seasoned yoga teacher. She has taught gentle candlelight yoga, moderate yoga, beginner yoga, vigorous yoga, special needs yoga for back care, positive mental health, to build strong bones, and for folks with round bodies. She has taught many workshops.  For example yoga for stress reduction, yoga for eye care, restorative yoga, yin yoga are in Josephine’s pocket of expertise. 

Josephine has been able to take her two passions, yoga and the out-of-doors and combine them. She worked for the AMC for many years guiding “Hiking and Yoga” retreats in the Catskills.

After the turn of the century, Josephine’s children flew from the nest and she had time for volunteering. The arenas that called her were the first breath and the last breath, in other words that of being a doula and a hospice volunteer.

In the 21st century, Josephine began taking her students on yoga tour around the world. Yes, another of Josephine’s passions is travel. To combine yoga and travel, she had led tours to Peru, Samoa, China, France and India.  This has been like dreams come true for Josephine.

Josephine’s current project is to create and run a Healing Arts Center in downtown Keene. She feels as if it is a gift back to the community which has so generously supported her teachings of yoga for the past 25 years.

Josephine’s students say that it is her enthusiasm coupled with her vast experience that make her a great teacher. Her family will tell you that yoga is more than a career and a practice for Josephine. It is her lifestyle and the way she lives. Josephine will tell you based on her experience, that people who practice yoga grow into a better space for themselves, their families, friends, colleagues and with the world.